Welcome to the official website of the Forsyth County Republican Party!

This is the place to find the information and connections to get involved with our state’s most exciting and successful county party. Forsyth County is Georgia’s largest Republican county, and we are proud to be the leading Red County in America’s leading Red State!

In Forsyth County, we are honored to be represented by some of A Our elected officials, whether they serve in our nation’s capitol or under the Gold Dome in Atlanta or right here within our county’s borders, are among the nation’s best.

You can use this site as a gateway to help you reach out to your elected officials. I encourage you to do so as well as connect with your Forsyth County Republican Party leaders. Together, we are here to serve you. And especially, use this site as a tool to “engage” in the battle to stop overreaching government control of our lives and preserve our liberties. Together we can work to provide conservative leadership for our county, state and nation.

Above all else, I want you to know you are welcomed in the Forsyth County Republican Party. Our members have come here from all around the nation and the globe. We are of many colors and came by many paths to this great place. Within all this diversity, we are held together by a few simple and eternal truths – that limited government, individual freedoms and personal responsibility are what have made our country great. And we are willing to engage any enemy at any level to retain these and pass them on to the next generation of Americans. If you agree, we welcome you to join us!

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Patrick Bell
Republican Party of Forsyth County