2020 FCRP County Convention

UPDATE 03/14/2020

Upon our concerns regarding the Coronavirus, the schools being closed leaving us without a venue, valuable input received from the Georgia GOP and RNC, the Forsyth County Republican Party County Convention will be held on 03/21/2020 at 10am without Delegates and only those absolutely required in attendance. Those in attendance will be the FCRP Executive Committee, Convention Chairman, Convention Secretary, Nominations Chair, Credentials Chair and one (1) Delegate.  

Even though attendance is not permitted, you are still required to register as a Delegate and indicate if you want to be elected to your respective District Convention and/or State Convention. 

Failure to register here on this website , and indicate if you want to go to the District and State Conventions, will mean you will NOT be a Delegate going forward.

Fees for the County Convention have been waived but you can still, if desired, contribute a small amount.